I now do Virtual Consults

I am so pleased to let you know that over the last fortnight we have been trialling different platforms for consultations for my NHS and Private patients. This has allowed us to keep as many people at home as possible and only bringing in those patients with emergency skin cancers.

How to take a good close up pic: 

a. Hold your phone camera 10cm away from where you want to photograph.

b. Wait on the white box to appear and click on it. 

c. Take photo.

d. Send to thedoctor@dermma.com to be uploaded to your file.

A few tips on how it works:

a. Anoushka will send you a link to click on. 

b. You send Anoushka a close-up photo of any specific lesion.

c. We meet Virtually on Attend Anywhere.

Through the patience of the IT team and the feedback from the patients, I think we have nailed it. The clinic has operated much smoother than I ever would have imagined, for all my patients aged 8 to 94. No downloading of software required, just a click on the link. I am going to persuade them to put this into the Bad Skin Clinic and SaveMySkin footage.

If you have any tips that might help me please email us or comment on the Visual Consults post on Instagram (@dremmacraythorne) – Thanks everyone!