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Dr Emma Craythorne


Consultant Dermatologist &

Dermatological Surgeon

Dr Emma Craythorne has become a household name with her team of experts on the Bad Skin Clinic TV show on Quest Red in the UK.

As a Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon based in London, Dr Emma has changed lives for the better, solving an array of extreme skin conditions and giving people their confidence back.


"My mission? To educate and inform people about their skin. Helping them pick the correct treatments and procedures for them.

No hype. No bias. Just facts. "

- Dr Emma


The Bad Skin Clinic

Watch Dr Emma change people's lives in Quest Red's show The Bad Skin Clinic. For snippets & tips, check out Dr Emma's instagram!

What the clients think...

"Dr Emma can fix any skincare problem you have, however big or small it is. My skin is how I've always wanted it to be, thanks to her!" - Robyn, Los Angeles

"Dr Emma gives the best, easy-to-follow advice for your skin, while also recommending you the best, affordable products!" - Stephanie, Maidenhead

"I'm 45 this year and people still think I'm in my 30s, even without major surgery! If that's not enough to convince you... I don't know what is." - Amy, London