We Are All Doctors

During this time of coronavirus spreading, it is needless to say that the pressure within the nation's healthcare departments has risen immensely. All specialists, within private or NHS practice, are no longer specialists; we are all doctors. We are all working towards the same goal within the community for the community. We are going to study this virus, and understand how to beat it, pulling together to educate, inform, and heal. 

Many of you may also be concerned about your own treatments for your skin ailments which now may seem like a non-priority to the NHS; this is not true. Doctors will pull together to continue the care of patients we already have, and fight the virus and misinformation that spreads, which can be faster than the virus itself sometimes.

But I have to face the reality of this. I am an NHS consultant and I am part of my hospital's task force for helping doing whatever I can. Inevitably a lot of what I can defer, I will until safer times. I will move to video consultations to ensure my patients don't need to travel to see me, all essential skin cancer services will continue as normal. The rest of my time will be spent being of use where I can. 

Stay safe, maintain excellent hand washing, social distancing (let us be grateful to live in such a high-technological world and can still socialise digitally!), ensure our family and friends have what they need and are safe. 

It's about being strict and disciplined with ourselves, something that is so far from our norm but a complete necessity. In this scenario: it's a complete necessity. 


Dr Emma Craythorne


Consultant Dermatologist &

Dermatological Surgeon

Dr Emma Craythorne has become a household name with her team of experts on the Bad Skin Clinic TV show on Quest Red in the UK.

As a Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon based in London, Dr Emma has changed lives for the better, solving an array of extreme skin conditions and giving people their confidence back.

Dr Emma Craythorne MBChB FRCP

"My mission? To educate and inform people about their skin. Helping them pick the correct treatments and procedures for them.

No hype. No bias. Just facts. "

- Dr Emma


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"I'm 45 this year and people still think I'm in my 30s, even without major surgery! If that's not enough to convince you... I don't know what is." - Amy, London