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Self-Examination Tips for Skin Cancer

The majority of my patients with skin cancer would normally be attended for their routine skin checks to assess sites of previous tumour, check for new areas and to have a full body skin check. Many however, due to this phase of coronavirus, fall into the "at-risk" group and it is not safe for them to come and see me in hospital. I also have to weigh up the risk of bringing a patient out of their homes, increasing risk of COVID-19 and their underlying skin disorders.

Self-Examination Guide:

This guide to self-examining the skin can be really useful and remember: it is normally the patient who first spots the skin cancer. So make it a good habit now and use this guide. If you are really worried about a mole then do let your dermatologist know. Take and send a good quality photograph (see the subpage 'Virtual Consults' to know how to do so).

Check my Instagram: @dremmacraythorne for skin tips and facts!

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