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Dr Emma Craythorne:
The Official Blog

Thoughts and Insights From 'The Bad Skin Doctor'

Dr Emma Craythorne is passionate about healthy living, outstanding service, and technology-driven solutions to a huge range of skin conditions. Her private practice on Harley street is the go-to place in the UK for various skin therapies and treatments, medical or otherwise... and she's turned lives around. 
Read this personal blog to keep on on information about Dr Emma, see her insights and find out more about the lady herself.

Contact Dr Emma

To book a consultation and for

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Dr. Emma can only treat patients in the UK.

152 Harley Street,
London, W1G 7LH


1 Welbeck Street,

London, W1G 0AR

The Lister Hospital

102 Sydney Street, 

London, SW3 6NR


About Dr Emma Craythorne

Dr Emma Craythorne MBChB FRCP is a Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatological and Laser Surgeon and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon at the St Johns Institute of Dermatology at Guys and St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust. Dr Craythorne is Lead of the Specialist Skin Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team. 

Harley Street Clinic:

She also has established a successful private practice at 152 Harley Street where she has created a bespoke, highly functional space for treating patients with complex procedural dermatology needs and for those requiring Mohs Micrographic surgery.

Training & Origins

Originally from Northern Ireland, she moved to Scotland to study Medicine and Surgery. She completed her postgraduate Medical specialist training in Edinburgh to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians. Her 4-year specialist training in all aspects of Dermatology at Kings College Hospital, London enabled her to join the specialist General Medical Councils register as a Consultant Dermatologist (GMC 4745871).

She then completed a 1-year Royal College accredited Fellowship in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Laser surgery at the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology. She currently performs around 500 cases of complex Mohs surgery every year and is responsible for the training of international and national fellows in Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Dr Craythorne underwent training in reflectance confocal microscopy and established the first NHS and private clinic in the UK to use the technology in the assessment of skin lesions. This technology allows visualisation of skin lesions without the need for traditional biopsy. 

Ongoing Research & Teaching

Dr Craythorne is actively involved with multiple national and international research projects focused on skin cancer, scarring and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and has published these extensively in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is also the Lead for Quality at the. St Johns Institute of Dermatology. 

She is regularly invited to lecture throughout the world as a keynote speaker at conferences and courses. She continues to provide education and support to multiple trainee dermatological surgeons. She has published her work in numerous scientific journals; Authored multiple book chapters including her own complete textbook of dermatology. (Pocket Tutor Dermatology | Emma Craythorne | ISBN: 9781907816789) 

Other Roles

Dr Emma holds a number of key positions within dermatological societies. She is the current President of the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group (  – a group responsible for developing high standards of training to dermatologists working in the field of cosmetic dermatology. She is the treasurer of the St Johns Dermatological Society, a society responsible for continued professional training of dermatologists in all aspects of dermatology. She is a Trustee for the Cosmetic practice standards authority ( ), responsible for ensuring that standards of care in non-surgical cosmetic practice is optimum.

When She's Not Working...

Outside of work, she loves to travel and see as much of the world as possible; spend time with friends in the beautiful English countryside; most of all she is a mother to 3 young children and enjoys family time, playing and learning about the world again through their eyes. 

What the clients think...

"Dr Emma can fix any skincare problem you have, however big or small it is. My skin is how I've always wanted it to be, thanks to her!" - Robyn, Los Angeles

"Dr Emma gives the best, easy-to-follow advice for your skin, while also recommending you the best, affordable products!" - Stephanie, Maidenhead

"I'm 45 this year and people still think I'm in my 30s, even without major surgery! If that's not enough to convince you... I don't know what is." - Amy, London

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